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Smart Hardware Plugins (SHPs)

SHPs are hardware plugins that enable the manufacture of Smart and Connected devices for OEMs. Our SHPs are designed for a range of consumer application use cases and are designed to support different connectivity protocols, from wifi to new connectivity technologies, specifically NB-IOT.


SHPs have 4 components as follows:


Integrated Measurement and Transmission Unit


Physical Enclosure design to house the IMTU


To support pre-defined operational and connectivity protocols


IOT Cloud and Native App infrastructure



Smart Hydration Devices

This is a global 60 Billion USD market. The adoption of Smart water bottles is close to zero as they are difficult and expensive to design and manufacture at scale.


With our Smart Hardware Plugins, OEMs, Brands and Retailers can design and manufacture Smart Hydration devices at scale, quickly and affordably.

Smart Baby Care 

Baby Care is a large market with over 130 Million babies being born annually. Smart and Connected Devices for baby can significantly enhance the control, comfort and peace of mind of mothers and caregivers.


The Pixie Smart Baby Feed Concierge is a device that measures baby feed data and sends it to cloud by wifi, to be discoverable on a Smart Phone App.

Smart Grocery Dispensers

Grocery Containers are a huge market worldwide. We have incorporated advanced IOT technology into standard grocery containers so that they become Smart containers that track usage and manage replenisment as part of a low-friction, high efficiency Direct to COnsumer (D2C) business model.


We have various designs for both solids and liquids in a range of volume from 250 ML to 5 Litres / Kgs


Our Range of SHP's

SHP for Smart Baby Coaster

Pixie - available in Wifi and NBIOT


This SHP comes with a fully proprietary hardware design to measure baby feed patterns via a Load-cell based Coaster.

The SHP comes with a full battery of customisable firmware, IOT cloud and Native App options for OEMs

We have developed NB-IOT circuitry as well so that Telcos can participate in the ecosystem.

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