We make dumb products Smart
Rudra Labs is an IOT product company headquartered in Singapore. We have expertise in Hardware, Firmware, IOT Cloud and M-Baas technologies. 

Rudra Labs builds Smart Hardware Plugins (SHPs).  These SHPs are bought by OEMS who can then build Smart and Connected devices for their consumers.


Rudra Labs focus areas are Hydration, Baby Care and Grocery. We are developing a range of SHPs in these categories, in both standard Wifi as well as NB-IOT variants.


Rock solid Founding team with strong dedicated technical expertise across Hardware, Firmware, IOT Cloud and Native, and IOT Security.

Rajeev Bala
CEO & Chief Inventor
Sridhar Ramaswamy
COO & Co-Founder

Chief Inventor of Rudra Labs, looking after ideation, and sales.  Rajeev has a distinguished track record as a Direct Response and E-Commerce marketing professional, working with HAVAS (VIVENDI) in growing their analytics, performance and marketing technology practice for clients such as  Citibank, DBS Singapore Airlines and Garuda Airlines.

COO of Rudra Labs, looking after all manufacturing and commercial operations of RL. Sridhar is an experienced Consumer Marketing professional with a successful career spanning Dell, Intel, Tata Communications and most recently in Motorola, as GM for Emerging Markets in Asia. Sridhar’s expertise spans  E-Commerce, Pricing Strategy as well as Distribution and Logistics.

Sikandar Khan
Head IoT Cloud/Native
Satish Singupuram
Head IoT Hardware

Sikandar is a distinguished Computer Scientist and leads the Engineering for Cloud and Native components of RudraLabs. His expertise focus on strategic planning, architecting, building and extending large software systems and infrastructure, technical architecture, design, product management, for high availability, high volume transactional systems, websites, and online and mobile applications on cloud platforms AWS/GCP/Azure. Sikandar blogs extensively on technical topics at medium.com/@dearsikandarkhan.

Satish is a domain expert in Electronics and Hardware Engineering.

He has extensive experience building sophisticated IOT and Hardware solutions across multiple verticals over the last 5 years. He is an active and top ranked contributor worldwide in the Hardware and Electronics Engineering community at Stack Exchange.

Raja Sumant
Head IoT Firmware
Lohit Peesapati
Growth Hacker

Raja is an innovator and a full stack developer with deep skills in electronics and computer systems. He is an SME in the field of IoT with over 4 and a half years of industry experience and 6 years of active research experience. He has done a certification in Embedded System Design from CDAC, Hyderabad. He is excellent in developing firmware for various cutting edge platforms like ARM, MSP430, Atmel, Xtensa , python, etc.

He also has sound knowledge of various communication protocols and can seamlessly manage connections from the IC’s to the cloud over Internet, BLE, LoRa, NRF , etc. He was a speaker at PyCon’14 and a winner of various IoT related hackathons.

Lohit is a technology and process hacker for Rudra labs with a key focus on Lean development methodology, and behaviour driven development for products/applications. He has worked on building the core of our Subscription E-commerce platform Cadenza, and has experience in integrating payment gateways. Also worked as Lead developer for the 1st phase of the Ad-tech platform DOOH for OIS, and as a Project manager for the 2nd Phase of the same. His development skill set includes NodeJS, ExpressJS, NoSQL DBs (Mongo & Dynamo) for backend development, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, jQuery, Page layouts and UX on Frontend; Python and Unity3d for building miscellaneous other applications.

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